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Complete Online Access to Your Loved One’s Care

CareTree is a revolution in caregiving communication and coordination that connects all of the branches of care. CareTree makes it easy to keep all caregivers informed about the care of your loved one. It allows for easy communication of care preferences and transition of care between caregivers. CareTree is permissions based, HIPAA compliant and fully encrypts all sensitive medical data.

More About CareTree


Accurate medication reconciliation and adherence is one of the most important factors for staying healthy.  CareTree makes this simple and easily accessible to all care stakeholders so there isn’t any confusion.

Document Centralization

Instead of looking for important documents, CareTree allows you to upload the important documents, store, and securely share them.

Calendar and Scheduling

Keep everyone’s calendar in one location, share it, schedule activities, and track billable work.


CareTree is completely HIPAA secure and compliant.  CareTree can help you to stay HIPAA compliant too.  When you tag information as medical, only those that you’ve marked as having medical clearance will be able to see it.

Privacy & Security

CareTree makes security easy by setting up default profiles that you can quickly assign people to.  The security and privacy doesn’t stop there though.  You can completely customize the security settings for each user, they can be different from client to client, and you can even limit it down to the information that you put into CareTree.  This allows you to easily share information with family, but also have private notes.


You’re free to share CareTree with as many users as you want at no additional cost and you can completely control their security level – so they only see what you want them to see.

Email Notifications

CareTree allows users to subscribe to a client’s activity feed and receive daily, weekly, or monthly emails.  Users can stay up to date, without having to constantly log in.  If there is an urgent situation, CareTree can also email individuals immediately.

Text Message Notifications

If there is an urgent situation or you’re on the go, CareTree can send users text messages to keep them informed.  Texts cost money, so the number is limited per client per month. If you really prefer text messages or have someone that requires a lot of urgent situations, unlimited text messaging is available in paid programs.


With all the other features in one location, it only makes sense to integrate billing. Setup your schedules, mark it as billable, have the caregivers check-in by phone or online, then have all the information streamed back into the dashboard and centralized on your billing screen. Billable activity is easily sortable and exportable to the most common accounting software.

Telephony Integration

Not every caregiver is walking around with a laptop or smart phone, but you need a way to make sure they are at the right place at the right time.  With CareTree’s telephony integration, you can have the caregiver check-in from the client’s phone, make sure they get an important message (such as a change in the care plan), and allow them to go through the task list if they want.  When they check-out, they are then prompted to go back through the task list to make sure they completed everything they needed to and they can record voice notes.  All of it is then accessible from your dashboard and recorded in the client’s record.  Want more?  Your imagination is the only limitation with the telephony integration: medication reminders, customer satisfaction surveys, or patient education.


  • Keep all appointments in one place
  • Know what’s happening and when
  • Make sure transportation is arranged
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts


  • Reduce confusion keeping medications reconciled
  • If something changes, let everyone know – instantly
  • Improve medication adherence

Patient Portals

  • Store direct access into every patient record
  • Works for all doctors and hospitals


  • Store readings centrally for easy tracking
  • Keep an eye on measurements from anywhere

Centralized Activity Feed & Automatic Messaging

  • Stay informed of care progress and changes
  • Receive automatic text messages or email updates
  • Track conversations in one place
  • Respond at your convenience and avoid phone tag

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Create A Patient Profile

    Import information from care providers & use "social collaboration" to keep updated

  • Invite Care Team Members

    Invite caregivers, family and friends, and choose who can see what

  • Coordinate for
    Better Care

    Deliver better care, save time and alleviate frustration by keeping everyone informed and coordinated

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