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Why Hire A Care Manager?

Peace of Mind

You will rest well, assured that your loved one’s needs are being met daily. Allow our care team to keep your loved one as comfortably self-reliant as possible and take the stress and worry off the shoulders of family. Enjoy time with your loved one instead of worrying about care.

Stay Healthy

Care Managers are able to arrange for follow-up care after hospitalization and insure that loved ones have the support they need to avoid re-admission. We can sometimes notice small changes in well-being that allow for early intervention and prevent hospital stays all-together!

Save Money

Keep loved ones at home longer and avoiding long-term care costs for months and sometimes years! Family care givers also miss less work time and lost wages.  Care Managers are able to make referrals to cost-saving programs and community services that will benefit your loved one.

What Do Care Managers Do?

Our care management services and care plans are completely unique to each client. Involvement ranges from daily visits, to phone calls, to annual retainers for emergency interventions. The goal of every Care Plan is to keep your loved one as comfortably independent as possible and to take the stress and worry of care giving off the shoulders of the family. 

Care management services include:

Medical & Physical Assistance

  • Schedule, transport and attend doctor visits
  • Coordinate all care partners and information
  • Maintain medication, supplies and equipment

Intellectual & Cognitive Assistance

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Regular assessments for brain health
  • Specialized in Alzheimer’s and other dementias

Mental & Emotional Assistance

  • Able to detect depression and other symptoms
  • Offer insight and guidance to families
  • Recommend ways to cope

Social Assistance

  • Support for community outings
  • Links to special interest and support groups
  • Transition and mediation support

Spiritual Assistance

  • Offer counseling and referrals
  • Help with problem solving
  • Advocate for ways to provide the support in a way that is familiar to you

Financial Assistance

  • Pay bills and monitor for signs of fraud
  • Help identify entitlements and explain ‘living wills’
  • Make reliable, cost-saving referrals

Getting Started With A Care Manager

  • Meet With A Care Manager

    A care professional will meet with your family to talk about your specific concerns and goals. This meeting can be in our office, in your home or favorite coffee shop, or virtually-whatever works best for your family.

  • Immediate Needs Met

    Immediate needs will be addressed- immediately! Your Care Manager will offer guidance, advocacy and direct referrals to appropriate resources. He or she can then coordinate the initiation and continuation of these service, or simply offer support to the family as you contact referrals independently.

  • Planning For The Future

    As the Care Manager gets to know your family, they can assist you in preparing for the future and developing a family plan that will allow for consistent, supportive services to your loved one. This includes legal and financial planning, family counseling related to long-term care options and end of life planning.

  • Relax and Enjoy Life

    If you choose to move forward with our care management services, you can relax and enjoy life with your family, knowing that you have provided the best possible care for your loved one.

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